Why You Should Stop Photographing People While Travelling

I’ve been taking photographs of people during my travels for the last seven years.

Before that, my pictures were all about landscapes, cityscapes, and on rare occasions, some tiny figures in the background. I was also interested in fashion for a long time and I worked with models. They were mostly female, but sometime also male and couples. That’s how my confidence in working with people started to grow.

With time, I have learned how to cope with my shyness, how to approach people and above all, I have developed a keen interest in each single person as a human being, with stories, passions, dreams and feelings.

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A New Dawn for my Photography (and my Life)

Here I am.

Finally my new redesigned website goes live. During the last months, while travelling, I’ve been working on my archive, creating a new portfolio with SmugMug. For now, there are four galleries (Thailand, Laos, Romania, Ukraine) and I will add more content with time.

This new website comes together with a lot of changes in my photography and life.

First of all, I am now able to work on my photography full-time. Last year I left my job in the office, I sold everything I owned and together with my partner we started travelling long-term.

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